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History : Göcek is known as the centre for yachting in the world. In the past, it was a settlement called Kalimche between two important seaports, Telmesos, a Lykra city, and Kaunos (called Dalyan today). In Mythology Göcek is known as the place where the legend of Icarus and Daedelus took place.

Well known with its natural beauties of its shores, Göcek is also famous for its historical remains like graves, houses and baths. Some of these remains are under the sea and this makes the place even more interesting.

Göcek was famous as a yachting centre and it became a well-known place with its natural beauties and shores when a “Blue Voyage” was organized by Azra Erhat, Halikarnas Balıkçısı and Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, famous personalities of Turkish literature.

Where ? :  Our Apart Hotel is in Göcek, a place like heaven where the green and blue embrace each other. Göcek is located on the Muğla-Fethiye highway, 18 kms away from the Dalaman Airport, 38 kms away from Fethiye city-centre. Göcek, with its 345m altitude, welcomes you immediately after the Göcek passage.

It is a little holiday resort where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas mix. It is also famous with its beautiful coasts, islands in different sizes, boats and warm-hearted people. Although Göcek is also famous with its yachting, with the locals running guesthouses and apart hotels it has become a tourist attraction.

What to do ? : The moment you leave Göcek, you meet the islands called Göcek (Gold), Yılanlı, Yassıca, Zeytinli, Katrancık, Tersane, Domuz, Tavşan, Deliktaş ve Kızıl and other islands without names around. Its coasts called Aquarium, Kleopatra Hamam, Tersane Island, Domuz (Pig) Island ve Bedri Rahmi (one of the well-known Turkish writer and artist) are there for you to share their beauties.

The reason why one of the coasts is called “Bedri Rahmi” is because of his exquisite painting on one of the rocks, where he painted a big fish figure. “Tersane” island is famous for the ancient ruins it hosts.

If you choose to land on the island called “Kelopatra Hamam” then another curious event is waiting for you which is the settlement of Lydae, an hour walk distance away.

Marinas : Yachting in Göcek is well established and provides services to the sailors with its marinas, marina markets and shopping centers. With its climate and winds, is a superb place for sailors. It is easy to find yachts, sails, tour boats paying a short visit at Göcek


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